Sinopharm Xiamen
Release Date:2020.07.08

Zhongding Integration and Sinopharm Xiamen (Xiamen Prima Technology Inc.) entered into a partnership in 2014 to establish a pharmaceutical logistics center. The project design includes 5 stacker cranes, providing a total of 10,500 storage locations. In the disassembly and picking area, the partitioned rack offers 10,075 storage locations. The implementation of a mature high-speed sorting system has brought stable warehousing solutions to the enterprise. Additionally, a screw lifting system has been designed to streamline operations, significantly improving efficiency within a reduced operating space. Compared to a direct lifting system, the screw lifting system enhances transport efficiency by 50%, saving operational cost for the enterprise.


During the collaboration with Sinopharm Xiamen, Zhongding integration has consistently strived for progress and innovation. The goal is to provide users with trustworthy products and integration, and the one-stop service from Zhongding Integration ensures customer peace of mind.


The logistics center can provide third-party logistics services for pharmaceutical and healthcare-related companies, including supplier-managed inventory, warehousing and distribution management, product production and sales platform, circulation processing, and other value-added services. It achieves the organic integration of business flow, logistics, and information flow, offering manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and end-users multifunctional and integrated distribution services. This, in turn, enhances pharmaceutical logistics and distribution efficiency while reducing pharmaceutical costs.