Sine Pharmaceutical
Release Date:2020.07.08

Shanghai Sine Pharmaceutical Laboratories Co., Ltd. has introduced products of automation technology to actively utilize its advantages in production and logistics. Its intelligent logistics system is constructed with the participation of Zhongding Integration.

Based on logistics needs of Sine Pharmaceutical, Zhongding Integration customized the automated warehousing system under the preconditions of guaranteeing the quality of medicines and ensuring a safe and reliable environment for medicines. The system seamlessly integrates with the new generation of electronic drug supervision codes. It employs Sick sensor recognition technology to sense the status of life rack in real time. The WCS system, based on this sensing, coordinates AGV, stacking robots, production lines, and other equipment to achieve automated and flexible inbound and outbound processes.

Live Pallet Rack

Industrial Sliding Door System that Achieves Full Automatic Coordination with AGV

APM - Laser Guided AGV Forklift System

WCS System Developed by Zhongding Independently

Pallet Collection Equipment