Cardinal Health (China) Drug Distribution Center
Release Date:2020.07.08

In 2012, Zhongding Integration and Cardinal Health (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. cooperated to establish a pharmaceutical logistics center in Beijing, which meets the requirements of GSP. The entire logistics center operates with a high degree of automation, primarily divided into the automated three-dimensional warehouse, the disassembly and picking warehouse, the conventional forklift warehouse, and the compsite packaging area. It is equipped with an automated sorting system and an automated conveyor system to significantly enhance the order processing capacity of the logistics center. The introduction of the RF electronic label picking system has greatly shortened the picking time to just three seconds using electronic labels, significantly improving order processing capacity. Additionally, the implementation of the high-speed line shaft diverter is adopted, with a designed efficiency of up to 3500 totes/hour. The high-speed line shaft diverter system is a mature sorting device, which Zhongding Integration has deployed in numerous projects with excellent results and customer recognition.


Once the logistics distribution center is put into operation, production is almost non-stop for 365 days, and the reliability of the transmission parts of the automated conveyor system, RF, electronic labels and other equipment is crucial, so the quality of the main equipment parts selected by Zhongding Integration are all guaranteed.