Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Release Date:2020.07.08

In 2013, Zhongding Integration successfully collaborated with Huaren Pharmaceutical in the development of an automated three-dimensional warehouse project that complies with GMP certification. The system operates safely, stably, and efficiently, responding to the company's requirements promptly.

In the collaboration with Huaren Pharmaceutical, Zhongding Integration leveraged its extensive experience in automation management and construction within the pharmaceutical industry.


The pre-warehouse conveying plan of this project involves three robotic stacking systems to accomplish the inbound tasks of eight conveyor lines, with an inbound capacity of no less than 2500 totes/hour and a storage capacity of up to 14,000 tons. The warehouse area is designed to include nine stacker cranes, utilizing Zhongding Integration's variable cross-section single-column straight-line high-speed stacker crane as a core equipment, playing a crucial role throughout the operation within the warehouse.


The customized software system developed by Zhongding Integration for Huaren Pharmaceutical has streamlined the entire operation process, achieving truly automated warehouse management. This solution has been recognized and praised by Huaren Pharmaceutical.