Sinopharm Shandong
Release Date:2020.07.08

Sinopharm Logistics Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopharm Logistics”) has built 4 national logistics hubs in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Xi’an, 7 regional logistics centers, more than 30 provincial logistics centers, 60 to 80 urban distribution centers, forming a huge logistics network system with a storage area of 1.2 million square meters. The logistics network system has covered all provinces and cities in China.


Zhongding Integration and Sinopharm Logistics have maintained a long-term and close partnership of mutual trust with each other and jointly established several logistics centers in Xiamen, Changzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities.


Intelligent Logistics System Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry


Zhongding Integration worked closely with a Sinopharm Logistics branch in Jinan once again to establish a modern pharmaceutical intelligent logistics center. With total investment of about RMB 200 million and total building area of 90,000 square meters, the project may meet the daily outbound demand of 30000 totes of medicine and the storage and distribution capacity can reach RMB 5 billion/year.

After extensive research and scientific system planning, the professional team of Zhongding Integration gathered a variety of logistics system technologies and equipment and tailored an advanced pharmaceutical logistics system solution for Sinopharm Logistics.


In the entire logistics system, the three-dimensional warehouse and the order picking are closely related, and the accompanying smooth conveyor system and mature high-speed sorting system form a stable and efficient warehousing mode for enterprises. This is a modern pharmaceutical intelligent logistics center with high level operation automation, management informatization and process standardization.

The warehouse in this project is 21 meters high, with 7,000 storage locations in the three-dimensional warehouse and 20,000 partition rack storage locations in the broken case picking area. The logistics center is built in strict accordance with the new GSP standard. Main equipment and systems include the AS/RS automated three-dimensional warehouse, the disassembly and picking system, the high-speed sorting system, etc.

The optimized picking process meets customer needs in all aspects


In consideration of complicated client orders and various kinds of drugs, the outbound picking mode plays a key role in the entire logistics distribution center.


After in-depth study of the current operation of client, Zhongding Integration designed a variety of drug picking processes that cover the entire logistics center. Appropriate picking process can be selected based on the order structure. The solution may improve the utilization of space and labor, and ensure rapid and accurate project implementation.


1. U-shaped picking

U-type picking will be adopted for entire box orders stored in three-dimensional warehouse. Outbound from three-dimensional warehouse is rapid and direct without redundant process.

2. Floor-level Picking


Floor-level picking will be adopted for entire box orders stored on the beam rack. The warehouse management system optimally allocate, schedule and control the drug transfer path based on the order structure. If replenishment is needed, the goods are transferred to the disassembly and picking area for replenishment. If delivery is required, the goods will be delivered directly to the shipping area.

3. Disassembly and Picking


After completing picking of individual orders in the disassembly and picking area, the totes are sent to the review and packaging area through the conveyor line to realize the fast transition from tote to paper packaging, ensuring time-saving, efficient and highly-accurate processing of scattered orders.


This process is equipped with the screw lifting system, which is used to connect the first and second layer quickly and conveniently. This not only reduces the operation space for the enterprise, but also improves the operation efficiency to a great extent. It increases the transportation efficiency by 50% compared with the ordinary promotion system, and directly saves operating costs for enterprises.

Intelligent Computing and Control


In the logistics center, the warehousing operation areas are equipped with a computer management control room for all processes of the logistics center. The control room is equipped with computer management operation system, computer monitoring system and large screen CRT dynamic simulation display system, and a number of operating computers (for clients) are configured at the warehousing operation stations to support the normal and smooth operation of the whole logistics center.

The pharmaceutical logistics system solution, designed by Zhongding Integration for Sinopharm Logistics is equipped with efficient and advanced technology, meeting the functional requirements of the customers. It is a dynamic and extendable system that can be expanded as per the future business needs.


In the process of close cooperation with Sinopharm Logistics, Zhongding Integration continued to forge ahead and make users rest assured with our dedicated service.