Tasly Pharmaceutical
Release Date:2020.07.08

Zhongding Integration has established a pharmaceutical logistics center in cooperation with Shaanxi Tasly, which meets the requirements of GSP. The entire logistics center operates with a high degree of automation, mainly consisting of automated three-dimensional warehouses, disassembly and picking warehouses, conventional forklift warehouses, and a composite packaging area. Equipped with an automatic sorting system and an automatic conveyor system, the logistics center has introduced an RF electronic label picking and collecting system to significantly improve the efficiency of order processing. This system reduces picking time to just two or three seconds using electronic labels, greatly enhancing the order processing capacity of the warehouse. At the same time the high-speed line shaft diverter, designed efficiency up to 3500 totes/hour, is employed. The line shaft diverter system is a mature sorting equipment with hundreds of successful applications in various industries, demonstrating excellent performance.