Release Date:2020.07.07

Zhongding Integration has joined hands with Cainiao Network to build the phase 2 project of “Cainiao City”, and customized the Intelligent Logistics Distribution Center for the latter.


With the concept of “three-in-one network” surrounding sky network (big data and cloud computing), ground network (12 spots nationwide) and human network, Cainiao Network connects consumers, e-commerce clients and logistics partners, and weaves a big logistics net facing the world, laying a logistics foundation for its future commerce.


The Cainiao City in Jiaxing is one of the 12 spots of ground network, as well as a new “Internet” industry project in which logistics, warehousing and e-commerce are unified. The project, with a total investment of approximately 6 billion Yuan, covers a floor area of about 1,300 mu.


The warehouse of the phase 2 project is 28 meters high, which is difficult for ordinary domestic stacker cranes to exceed 24 meters. However, Zhongding Integration's Ultrahigh Stacker -- The Fifth Generation Double-column Stacker Crane with Variable Sections has perfectly addressed this problem.


This partnership is a key step for Zhongding Integration to help Cainiao Network achieve the sharing of warehousing facilities and resources. Through sharing, logistics resources are optimally allocated, which can improve the efficiency of overall logistics system in the logistics industry, cut logistics costs, and promote the innovation of logistics system towards the shared logistics mode, thus creating higher logistics values and benefiting the social public.