Release Date:2022.01.19


China's first listed enterprise in the retail industry of maternal and baby products


Founded in 1997, Shanghai Babemax Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Babemax”) is a Shanghai-based company that provides maternal and baby products and related services for families with infants from pre-pregnancy to six years old. In 2018, Babemax was successfully listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with the stock code of 603214.

To enhance its supply chain system and online business support system, the company has built a large warehousing and logistics center in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province, becoming China's first maternal and infant chain with a self-built warehousing and logistics center. The phase 1 project of the logistics center was officially put into use in early 2016, with an overall building area of 33,000 m2, while the phase 2 project kicked off in September, 2019, with a total building area of 31,000 m2 and an overall budget of 106 million Yuan.


Intelligent retail logistics system solution


As China’s leading logistics system integrator, Zhongding Integration, a subsidiary of Noblelift Group, has won the favor of Babemax thanks to its excellent planning ability and solid construction and manufacturing. In December, 2019, Zhongding Integration and Babemax entered into a partnership, according to which Zhongding Integration will customize the phase 2 project of logistics center for Babemax with an intelligent retail logistics system solution.

Highlights of the solution:

1. It meets the warehouse’s daily shipment of 45,000 cartons, with the amount shipped of 7.6 billion Yuan each year, which is of great strategic significance to supporting the company's store expansion and e-commerce development.


2. The high-standard supply chain system quickly responds to off-site stores and online platforms of Babemax through whole-process automation and intelligent software management.

Overall layout of logistics system


This solution is equipped with four stacker cranes with the height of 21 meters, a few hundred conveyors, reciprocating hoists, and the Warehouse Control System (WCS), etc. from Zhongding Integration.

Based on the logistics needs and order characteristics of Babemax, the entire intelligent logistics system solution has designed five layers of logistics system partitions with different functions.


First floor: Inbound and outbound operations of whole-pallet products and materials


Second floor: Replenishment operations in the parts sorting area


Third floor: Replenishment operations in the new product cache area


Fourth floor: On-site manual sorting operations


Fifth floor: Replenishment operations in the pallet leveling area


Zhongding Integration’s WCS features remote control, overall management, intelligent scheduling, information sharing and other functions, helping Babemax achieve the intelligent and efficient handling of orders from online and offline channels and multiple platforms.

Intelligent retail logistics make life better

Each day, particularly during the latest Double 11 and Double 12 shopping festivals, thousands of Babemax products have been delivered to households through this intelligent logistics system, which is fast, convenient, accurate and carefree.

Through its development in intelligent logistics over the past three decades, Zhongding Integration has been dedicated to establishing a more reliable, efficient and relaxing logistics system through superior and stable product quality and advanced system integration technologies. It helps clients in various fields create the maximum logistics value, constantly improves people's life quality, and allows people to feel the beauty of logistics to life.