Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company
Release Date:2023.06.05

Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company (hereinafter referred to as “ZRCC”) is a key refining & chemical enterprise under Sinopec, which is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Formerly known as Zhejiang Refinery founded in 1975, ZRCC was restructured into Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. and became listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1994.


At present, ZRCC is featured with a comprehensive crude oil processing capacity of 27million tons/year, ethylene capacity of 2.2 million tons/year, a sea jetty with over 120 million tons of annual handling capacity, a tankage of over 17 million cubic meters, the total assets of nearly 100 billion Yuan, and a total area of 23.1 square kilometers (including the lands for the projects under construction). ZRCC is the largest refining & chemical enterprise with the strongest profitability, most advanced technologies, best management and highest-quality development in Sinopec, and has initially built a “world-class, high-tech and integrated” green petrochemical base.


Zhongding Integration, a subsidiary of Noblelift Group, has gained the trust of ZRCC thanks to its mature technology, manufacturing capability of core equipment and abundant experience in project construction. In 2020, Zhongding Integration joined hands with ZRCC to build an intelligent warehouse in Ningbo.

Overall layout of the project


The racks, totaling 14 units, adopt the built-up type of crossbeams and single deep turning, with the maximum load of 1,000 kg and height of 22.7 meters.


The inbound and outbound conveyor equipment is arranged on one side of the stereoscopic warehouse for inbound and outbound operations at the same time. Each aisle is placed with one stacker crane, and the warehouse entrance is placed with two chain conveyors for the inbound and outbound transfer, which meet inbound and outbound operations of stacker cranes. The inbound and outbound efficiency of a single stacker crane is not less than 40 pallets/hour. It can meet inbound and outbound delivery functions.


The electronic control system for inbound and outbound delivery adopts centralized control and automatic scheduling of inbound and outbound conveyor equipment.


The upper-level computer scheduling and monitoring system is responsible for scheduling and commanding the orderly operation of stacker cranes and the inbound and outbound conveyor system, achieving the real-time animated display of equipment running status, and recording equipment alarm information.


The warehouse management system realizes the integrated management of materials and storage locations as well as their information storage, and achieves the seamless connection with ERP, the enterprise resource management system, via the specially-developed interface program.

Project advantages

Advanced: It adopts cutting-edge techniques, equipment, software systems and network structure to constitute an advanced system.


Practical: The system can meet existing business needs, and cater to the needs of enterprise development for a period in the future.


Cost-effective: While meeting the application requirements, it can also cut operational costs.


Secure: The systems’ security measures are effective and reliable, which can achieve security control at multiple layers.


Flexible: The designed system boasts addition, deletion, modification and other functions in management based on the needs of business development, realizing flexible maintenance of computer systems.


Expandable: The designed system provides common program interfaces, and can achieve the seamless connection with the ERP system, equipment control system and other systems to complete the corresponding data transmission.

❤Clients’ recognition provides Zhongding Integration with the endless power to forge ahead.


As a leader in intelligent logistics, Zhongding Integration has independently developed a whole set of intelligent logistics system solution that is suitable for acceptance, storage, sorting, delivery and other operational processes in the petrochemical supply chain in accordance with petrochemical enterprises’ demand for logistics efficiency and safety. This system can effectively improve the order handling capability and efficiency. Zhongding Integration hopes that petrochemical enterprises can harvest stronger market competitiveness and more enterprise benefits in superior logistics experiences.