Refractory Materials
Release Date:2020.07.07


Ruitai Masteel New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a key refractory material manufacturer in China, and its predecessor was founded in 1958. It specializes in providing a series of shaped and unshaped refractory materials for metallurgical, non-ferrous metal, petrochemical, cement and glass industries and other thermal kilns. With a floor area of 190,000 m2, the company comprises three workshops for high aluminum clay, sliding nozzles and bulk materials, a machinery manufacturing plant and a product development research center.


Due to rapid development, Ruitai Masteel's original storage capacity is unable to keep up with existing capacity growth. In 2017, the company put the construction of intelligent warehousing system on the agenda. Through careful selection, it has selected Zhongding Integration, a professional logistics system integrator, as the contractor of this project. It hoped the latter to provide it with a whole set of efficient and reliable intelligent warehousing system solution.


An intelligent warehousing system in the refractory material industry

After the sufficient survey on the need of Ruitai Masteel, Zhongding Integration, a subsidiary of Noblelift Group, has customized a whole set of intelligent warehousing system that integrates intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, costs reduction and efficiency increase, and sustainable development for the company based on its techniques.

 ① The intelligent warehousing system for unshaped materials perfectly meets the raw material supply requirements of amorphous material production lines (with the planned capacity of 50,000 tons/year).


 ② The intelligent warehousing system for sliding nozzles and ladle bricks fully meets the raw material supply requirements of sliding nozzle and ladle brick production lines (with the planned capacity of 30,000 tons/year).


③ The intelligent warehousing system for mud



The intelligent warehousing system for unshaped materials and the intelligent warehousing system for sliding nozzles and ladle bricks store Ruitai Masteel’s raw materials of different varieties, respectively connecting different production processes. The two warehouses are equipped with four double-column and double-deep stacker cranes, with each 22 meters high, intelligent RGV and other equipment. Among them, the intelligent RGV equipment, as the main inbound and outbound transmission line, can effectively reduce the use of conventional conveyors and optimize processes, which is in line with the original intention of Ruitai Masteel to maximize the use of warehouse space.



Unique packaging form

Besides, considering the unique ton-bag packaging for refractory materials of Ruitai Masteel, Zhongding Integration has customized a whole set of intelligent conveyor system for it.



Intelligent warehousing system for mud

As the mud stored in this warehouse raises a relatively high requirement for the storage environment, Zhongding Integration has designed a set of thermal insulation and moisturizing system for this warehouse, which performs continuous temperature and humidity control, and effectively ensures the quality safety and stability of mud.



Independent development of software management system

Zhongding Integration has independently developed a whole set of software management system for the three intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, including:


WCS, a scheduling monitoring system, which monitors all logistics automation equipment, and displays them on the monitoring interface in dynamic graphics.


WMS, the warehouse management system, boasts five function modules: the warehouse operation management, inventory management, system management, statistical report query output and interface management, which is in seamless connection with Ruitai Masteel's MES system to achieve information exchanges.