Higee Energy
Release Date:2020.07.08

2018 is a year of rapid development for new energy vehicles. Relevant data indicates that by the end of 2018, the global cumulative sales of new energy vehicles reached 5.5 million units, with the Chinese market contributing over 50%! China has emerged as a major player in the sales of new energy vehicles!

Power lithium-ion battery plays a pivotal role in the development tide of new energy industry. Within the entire manufacturing system, the lithium-ion battery supply chain faces tremendous pressure. How to calmly deal with the existing challenges? Higee Energy, a comprehensive solution provider for new energy systems, has set an example for the industry with complete intelligent logistics systems for square power lithium-ion battery manufacturing.


Founded in April, 2016, Jiangsu Higee Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Higee Energy”) is invested by Jiangsu Baichuan High-Tech New Materials Co., Ltd. [stock code: 002455] and Wuxi Times Baichuan Phase I Industrial Investment Fund Enterprise (Limited Partnership) etc. Covering an area of nearly 200,000 square meters, the project is built with phase I investment of RMB 2 billion.

As a leader in lithium-ion battery material management, Zhongding Integration cooperated with Higee Energy in 2016 to build the complete intelligent logistics system for manufacturing of square power lithium-ion batteries.

Complete intelligent logistics system for lithium-ion battery manufacturing

As an important part of battery manufacturing, the system can realize the material transfer and transition among the production processes from high temperature quiescence after single injection of batteries to the coating sorting process.

By combining the MES technology, the visual control technology and intelligent robots for lithium-ion battery production line, Zhongding Integration designed a complete tailored intelligent logistics system of “whole line equipment + robot + software control” for Higee Energy. It is a post-processing system applicable to lithium-ion battery aging, volume separation, discharge capacity testing, OCV testing, battery graded automatic sorting, etc.

Flexible manufacturing by intelligent robots

The project of Higee Energy is equipped with 17 robots, extensively employed in the robot unstacking system, NG testing system, and robot grouping and sorting system. This ensures a daily production time of over 22 hours, achieving flexible production in the production workshop and significantly increasing Higee Energy's production capacity. The completely unmanned and intelligent-operated production workshop has become a beautiful scenery in the enterprise.


Whole process tracking software control system

The complete set of software control system is mainly applied for information management of the battery automatic production line logistics system. With storage and management functions for all battery production processes, the control system ensures continuous production and delivery, and achieves mechanization and automation of goods handling as well as information management in the warehouse, facilitating the orderly flow and scientific management of batteries.

In addition, the control system can transfer and exchange data with the company’s ERP and MES systems as well as relevant special equipment or battery testing systems through interfaces, realizing seamless integration of various systems.

As the information management center of the entire system, the central control room is equipped with information management terminal, control terminal, monitoring terminal, server, dispatching management workbench etc.


Customization based on client’s individual goals

Higee Energy specifically required compatibility with three different battery specifications. After careful study and testing, Zhongding Integration technicians designed an intelligent production system that integrates robots, high precision stacker cranes, conveyors and charge and discharge detection equipment for Higee Energy. Leveraging the self-developed WCS, WMS software control system, and FTS production control system from Zhongding Integration, it ensures accurate identification and recording of three battery specifications. This enables compatibility for the logistics operation of three battery specifications on the same production line, helping Haiki New Energy save substantial costs and improve production efficiency.


Safe and efficient system

The entire system is planned and designed with 15,000 storage locations, incorporating 13 sets of self-developed third generation MiniLoad stacker cranes from Zhongding Integration. This is a high-density battery storage solution with strict requirements for production line safety and battery quality.

Zhongding Integration innovatively designed the automatic warning, alarm, and fire extinguishing systems. In the event of any abnormality in a battery, the system promptly "isolates" that battery, ensuring the high safety features of battery production without disrupting the normal operation of other batteries.


The logistics system delivered by Zhongding Integration for Higee Energy makes the entire battery production process swift, precise, and safe. It not only meets the client's expectations for normal production and cost reduction but also provides robust technical support for Higee Energy's future development plans.

Moreover, Zhongding Integration also provides lifelong butler service to completely address any concerns clients may have and allows them to entrust their needs without any worries.