Release Date:2020.07.08


JEVE (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiangsu JEVE”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JEVE, jointly invested and built by a Fortune 500 enterprise—Shanghai Fosun Group and Yueda Group etc.

With a total investment of RMB 6 billion, Jiangsu JEVE has an area of 600 mu and a planned production capacity of 10GWh. When the project is put into production, it can meet the matching needs of 300,000 high-end electric passenger vehicles, and the annual sales revenue will exceed RMB 10 billion.

In 2019, Zhongding Integration, a professional logistics system integrator, cooperated with Jiangsu JEVE to jointly build the complete intelligent logistics system for primary power lithium-ion battery manufacturing, which is now put into use.


Project profile

Effectively combined MES technology, lithium-ion battery production line FTS system and lithium-ion battery production line intelligent warehouse management system, Zhongding Integration, a subsidiary of Noblelift, tailored a complete “whole line equipment + software control” intelligent logistics system for the processes from raw materials to packaging.

The scheme can be applied for the whole process of material transfer and storage from raw materials to packaging: including lithium-ion battery incoming material inspection, storage, distribution, homogenization, coating, rolling, slitting, die-cutting, lamination, assembly, liquid injection, aging, volume separation, capacity testing, OCV testing, battery automatic sorting, finished product storage and so on.

With full coverage of intelligent equipment, the whole system is equipped with 33 sets of self-developed MiniLoad stacker cranes, 20 sets of AGV and nearly 2,200 meters of logistics conveyor lines from Zhongding Integration.


Material transportation in raw material warehouse and workshop

The warehouse can be applied for raw material incoming inspection, storage, automatic inbound and outbound, intelligent distribution, seamless docking to workshop material conveyor. Meanwhile, the self-developed software management control system from Zhongding Integration can perform comprehensive information management of the logistics system for battery automatic production line, realize seamless docking to ERP and MES systems, unified management and resource sharing, fully meeting the requirements for enterprise information exchange and resource sharing platform.

Logistics system for processes from coating to stacking

This part of the intelligent logistics system can meet the material transfer and storage needs for processes such as coating, rolling, slitting, die cutting, stacking, etc. for JEVE. The OHT automatic conveyor is provided for intelligent handling of coil parts in the previous process workshop, AGV automatic guided transport robot is provided for the handling of electrode sheet coil stocks, and AIV mobile robot is provided for the handling of electrode sheet bins. The three kinds of intelligent robots can facilitate accurate handling by operators, effectively reduce manual labor intensity, achieve automatic and flexible manufacturing throughout the process, as well as improve production capacity and ensure efficiency.

Logistics system for processes from liquid injection to sorting

The part of intelligent logistics system can realize the functions of liquid injection, aging, volume separation, capacity testing, OCV detection, battery automatic sorting, finished product storage etc. In normal use, it can meet the simultaneous production scheduling of 2 or more models and achieve an annual production capacity of 2.5GWh.

At this stage, the safety of lithium-ion battery manufacturing is particularly important. Zhongding Integration specially developed an intelligent fire extinguishing system consisted of three major protective devices: rack fire extinguishing protection structure, DTS optical fiber temperature sensing system and fire water tanks. The entire fire extinguishing process can be controlled within 40s, making the intelligent logistics system of Jiangsu JEVE be safer, smarter and more efficient.


With strong technical strength, high R&D level and rich project experience in the field of primary power lithium-ion batteries, Zhongding Integration has successfully provided primary power lithium battery services to many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as LG Chem, Murata, Farasis Energy, Sinochem, Guolian and MGL. All the projects have been highly praised and trusted by clients.

In the future, Zhongding Integration will continue to deeply cultivate and expand in the development of intelligent logistics for lithium-ion batteries, empowering more application scenarios and promoting the intelligent transformation and energy upgrading of supply chains for global enterprises!