eTrust Power
Release Date:2020.07.08

The comprehensive automatic logistics system for square power lithium-ion battery is an automatic solution tailored by Zhongding Integration for eTrust Power. It is a post-processing system applicable to lithium-ion battery aging, volume separation, discharge capacity testing, OCV testing, battery graded automatic sorting, etc. Under the control of the computer management system, the solution may be applied for battery charge and discharge engineering management, data management and inventory data management. The system is designed based on the pallet Bar Code recognition technology. When the system receives the execution instructions, the pallet loaded with batteries automatically carries out aging, volume separation, charge/ discharge, OCV detection, automatic handling, automatic stacking and turnover according to the project settings. After the completion of all material processes, the pallets automatically enter the sorting system for graded sorting.


The main equipment involved in the solution consists of truss-type automatic transplanting equipment, battery information automatic registering machine, AS/RS racks, automatic stacking equipment, speed chain conveyor system, energy feedback automatic charging and discharging station, fast OCV testing equipment, automatic NG screening equipment and automatic graded sorting machine. Based on system instructions, the equipment automatically separates the battery pallets from the ground stacking pallets and transplants them to the logistics conveyor line quickly and accurately. After reading the QR code information of battery and automatically binding the battery to the pallet system, the battery information automatic registering machine conveys the pallet to the charge and discharge aisle. The automatic stacking equipment and WCS system convey the pallet to the energy feedback automatic charge and discharge station. After charge and discharge, automatic NG screening equipment and charge and discharge data management system work together to automatically remove NG batteries, and the pallets are delivered to the aging warehouse for aging through the logistics line. After several OCV tests and aging processes, the batteries finally enter the automatic graded sorting machine and complete battery matching.


The project consists of multiple battery data acquisition and automatic NG battery processes. With the support of automatic logistics system, the yield of finished batteries can be effectively assured. AS/RS racks equipped with class A fireproof phenolic boards and imported temperature/smoke integrated sensors, and infrared thermal imager and CCTV monitoring in the automatic stacking system can deal with abnormal batteries in time and strictly control the entire battery production process, ensuring the personal safety and property safety of clients.