Release Date:2020.07.08

SEW-EURODRIVE of Germany, established in 1931, is a multinational provider of motors, reducers, and variable frequency control equipment and boasts 15 factories and 77 assembly plants in the world.

In 2018, SEW-EURODRIVE (Suzhou) intended to build an intelligent warehousing system as a way to improve logistics efficiency and reduce labor cost. For this purpose, Zhongding Integration, a partner who had accumulated abundant experience in intelligent logistics, occurred to SEW-EURODRIVE (Suzhou).

The strategic partnership between Zhongding Integration and SEW-EURODRIVE has been more than a decade. Zhongding Integration’s stacker crane system and conveyor system are combined with SEW’s drive control system to produce a marked effect. This time, both parties worked together again to plan and construct the intelligent warehousing system that is precise, rapid, safe and energy-saving.

Green and Energy Conservation

The whole system, 12 meters in height, is equipped with nine stacker cranes and 240 conveyors of Zhongding Integration, providing more than 13,000 storage locations. Stacker cranes plus SEW’s E-BUFF energy control system can optimize operational efficiency and lessen the demand of power capacity by utilizing energy from feedback power generation during peak period. Meanwhile, the equipment is able to automatically store power after operation so as to protect energy supply against unexpected power outage. Low energy consumption and maintenance cost comply with the concept of SEW’s sustainable development across the board.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement


To fit SEW’s production process and increase utilization rate of storage locations, Zhongding Integration designs six three-location buffer lifts. If a batch of products from the same work order is taken off the production line within the specified time, the combined pallet will be sent into three-location lift to wait for the next batch of product from the same work order before manual placement. Such flexible design can help SEW optimize utilization rate of storage locations and logistics efficiency and reduce equipment cost.

Intelligent Regulation

Zhongding Integration can have its management systems like WMS and WCS directly connect with SEW’s SAP system. The warehouse software is capable of designing and optimizing logistics routes, refining accuracy and cutting down redundant links via well-organized regulation. Thus, the same-day packing and shipment is realized.

Project Highlights

Increase the value of logistics by connecting intelligent logistics with SEW’s production lines.

Both current demands of SEW and future development can be achieved through highly efficient, fast, secure and reliable logistics system.

Green and energy conservation, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Well-organized regulation can keep logistics and inventory control accurate and delete unnecessary links.

Zhongding Integration, the specialized logistics system integrator, spares no efforts to assist clients in carrying out intelligent upgrade and move towards industry 4.0.