Senyuan Electric
Release Date:2021.02.02

Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Senyuan Electric”), established in 1992, is mainly engaged in the production of high and medium voltage intelligent power generation, transmission and distribution equipment, transformer and its components; power quality control device; AC/DC intelligent charging pile (station); municipal, industrial, and landscape lighting systems of wind-photovoltaic road lights and LED lamps; photovoltaic and wind power generation equipment of intelligent inverter and packaged substation.

In 2010, Senyuan Electric was officially listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002358). Nowadays, Senyuan Electric boasts seven subsidiaries, including Henan Senyuan Transformer, Henan Senyuan City Environmental Science and Technology Services, Zhengzhou Senyuan New Energy, Henan Huasheng Longyuan, Senyuan Instrument Transformer, Senyuan Switch and Senyuan Zhongfeng Intelligent Application.

Transformer Manufacturing Industry

Heavy Intelligent Warehouse Logistics System


In 2018, Zhongding Integration, a subsidiary of NOBLELIFT Group and Senyuan Electric achieved cooperation to jointly establish the heavy-duty intelligent warehousing and logistics system of Senyuan Electric Transformer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Senyuan Electric Transformer”), a subsidiary of Senyuan Electric.

1. Peculiarity of Transformer Manufacturing Industry


The transformer manufacturing industry can be classified into both electrical industry and special equipment manufacturing industry, which has remarkable industrial features. Zhongding Integration has realized the peculiarity of Senyuan Electric’s intelligent warehousing and logistics system during the first contact.


Intelligent Logistics

Feature 1: The materials consist of five tons of silicon steel sheet and four tons of electromagnetic coil.


Feature 2: The whole three-dimensional warehouse must be free from dust because the materials are strict with storage conditions.


Feature 3: The whole system must be characterized by fully-automated and intelligent conveying and storage to safeguard high efficiency.


The most prominent demands of Senyuan Electric mentioned above have become challenges and difficulties to be solved urgently ahead of Zhongding Integration.


2. Focus on Details and Overcome Difficulties


After in-depth discussion with its technical team of transformer, Zhongding Integration specifies Senyuan Electric’s logistics demands one by one and works out solutions correspondingly. A complete set of heavy-duty intelligent warehousing and logistics system is eventually developed for Senyuan Electric.


The whole system encompasses automated three-dimensional warehouses of five-ton silicon steel sheet and four-ton electromagnetic coil respectively.

Heavy Special Equipment


In order to store heavy materials and ensure secure operation, Zhongding Integration has all heavy special equipment bear over 4/5 tons, including double-column stacker cranes, all-in-one material upender and other devices.

All-in-one Material Upender 


Dust-free Three-dimensional Warehouse


In the light of Senyuan Electric’s dust-free material storage workshop, Zhongding Integration brings forth an efficient and low-cost solution. A confined space of PMMA is built nearby the three-dimensional warehouse, which not only protects daily equipment operation against dirt but also ensures work efficiency.

Stacker Cranes Filmed through PMMA

Full-process Intelligence and Automation 


In consideration of Senyuan Electric’s specific business, Zhongding Integration tailors a set of WCS and WMS so as to control the whole-process warehouse logistics system, which can get access to real-time logistics, information tracking, scheduling monitoring, data query and so on.

3. Benefit Clients with Careful Service

Following the brand value concept of “careful service and reassuring trust”, Zhongding Integration succeeded in a complete set of intelligent warehousing and logistics system that is safe, reliable and high-performance. It lays a solid foundation for the growth of Senyuan Electric down the road by fully utilizing warehouse space and expanding storage capacity, saving manpower and material resources, and remarkably improving work efficiency of Senyuan Electric.

Zhongding Integration works with Senyuan Electric to build the heavy-duty intelligent warehousing and logistics system, which is an attempt in the new field, not only enriching our project experience but also substantially improving the R&D capability.


Zhongding Integration never stopped itself on the way to exploration of intelligent logistics. Over the past three decades, Zhongding Integration has grown into the specialized logistics system integrator and expanded its service scope to new energy, pharmaceutical, cold chain, home furnishing, clothing and textiles, tires, automotive manufacturing and refractory materials, etc.


In the future, Zhongding Integration will work hard to develop more new fields as a way to offer full-life cycle intelligent logistics solution for more clients and push ahead with the intelligent upgrade of global supply chain!