Release Date:2020.12.29

In the age of intelligence, we seek change and innovation unremittingly.

With intelligent logistics, we seize the opportunities!

In 2019, the modern pharmaceutical logistics center jointly built by Int’l Group and Zhongding Integration was set up in Jinhua. With pharmaceutical logistics sites in central cities such as Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou and Jinhua in Zhejiang Province, Int’l Group successfully built the largest pharmaceutical distribution network system in the province covering more than 99% of hospitals at or above county level in Zhejiang Province, and providing East China with comprehensive, safe and fast pharmaceutical logistics services.

About Int’l Logistics


Zhejiang Int’l Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company (stock code SZ.000411) of Zhejiang International Business Group Co., Ltd. controlled by Zhejiang State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Its subordinate company, Int’l Logistics is mainly responsible for pharmaceutical logistics business.

Pharmaceutical Intelligent Logistics System Solution


After evaluation and inspection of multiple parties, Int’l Group finally selected Zhongding Integration, a leader in the field of pharmaceutical intelligent solutions to be responsible for the planning and implementation of Jinhua Int’l Pharmaceutical Logistics Center.


After receiving the project task from Int’l Logistics, Zhongding Integration, a subsidiary of Noblelift quickly set up a professional and technical team to communicate and refine the individual requirements, effectively control each link and ensure that the complete pharmaceutical intelligent logistics system solution is accurate, efficient and reliable.


Project Highlights


● According to plan, the entire system will be set up with 6,050 storage locations and may meet the daily drug storage demands of Jinhua Int’l Logistics at present and in the future;


● 6 sets of 20-meter-high double-column stacker cranes by Zhongding Integration may realize the two-way transportation throughout all processes, the warehousing operations can be carried out simultaneously, and the operation efficiency is up to 270 pallets/H.


● The robot system may complete automated stacking;


● The intelligent warehouse management software can help logistics staff to monitor and control every logistics link remotely.


● All subsystems work together to form a complete logistics business operation process.

1. Inbound


After acceptance, the medicine totes are transported through the telescopic electric roller conveyor line to robots for stacking; the stacked goods are then sent to three-dimensional warehouse port through the pallet conveyor line; after completion of pallet size inspection, the pallets are sent to the inbound port of the pallet three-dimensional warehouse. The pallets fail to pass size inspection will be sorted out for re-arrangement and inbound again. The stacker cranes pick up goods at the corresponding aisle and place them to the appropriate storage locations.



For entire pallet outbound, the stacker cranes take full-pallet drugs and place them on the pallet conveyor for outbound at the first layer mezzanine.


For outbound of entire tote, full-pallet drugs are sent to the online picking area on the second floor for outbound; special-shaped product picking station is set up for picking of entire tote of such products; for picking of non-special-shaped products, online picking and destacking operations are carried out. Entire tote of drugs are sent to the tote conveyor line and delivered to the appropriate shipping area for review and outbound operation.



According to the replenishment requirements, it is determined by the software system whether full-pallet replenishment or full-tote replenishment is required. For full-pallet replenishment, the stacker cranes directly take out full-pallet drugs and place them on the pallet conveyor line to the replenishment area. For full-tote replenishment, drugs are placed on the tote conveyor line and delivered to the appropriate replenishment area for replenishment.

The project has achieved satisfactory results. It not only meet the existing needs of Jinhua Int’l Logistics but also continue to provide supplies for future development. As a result, Zhongding Integration is highly praised by Int’l Logistics!


The establishment of an intelligent pharmaceutical logistics center in Jinhua is an important step for Int’l Logistics to further consolidate modern logistics infrastructure and enhance its logistics radiation capacity. As a leading logistics system integrator in China, Zhongding Integration has assisted many enterprises to improve the layout of logistics network system, seize intelligence development opportunities and gain strong competitiveness in the market!