Fovo Foods
Release Date:2021.07.01

Fovo Foods, established in 1991, is one of the largest and most integrated production, processing, and export enterprises in the chicken meat industry in China. It is a key national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and ranks among the top ten national enterprise in food safety. The core company, Shandong Fovo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shandong Fovo") has been successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2020.

Overview of Shandong Fovo Factory

Shandong Fovo is primarily engaged in the production and processing of feed, breeding of poultry, raising of broiler chicken, slaughter and segmentation, production of cooked poultry products, seasoning products, and bioproducts. The annual output of broiler chickens reaches 150 million. Over the past several years, Shandong Fovo has consistently maintained stable growth in exports to countries and regions such as the European Union, Japan, Malaysia. At the same time, Shandong Fovo is also the strategic supplier of KFC, McDonald's, Walmart and other large-scale restaurant chain groups in China, and has become the benchmark of China's food industry.

Overview of Shandong Fovo Factory

Innovative Solutions Provided by Zhongding Integration


After years of development, Shandong Fovo has established a comprehensive food safety system covering the entire industry chain “from the farm to the table”. The cold storage facility serves as a robust support for ShandongFovo's comprehensive food safety system covering the entire industry chain.


In 2017, Shandong Fovo planned to construct a low-temperature storage cold storage facility with a temperature of -25°C. The goal was to reduce the labor intensity of workers, achieve maximum throughput with minimal manual effort, and, at the same time, avoid exposing them to the extreme cold storage environment


Shandong Fovo came to Zhongding Integration with its needs, hoping that Zhongding Integration would design cold storage for its production and export workshops, and catering workshops. Zhongding Integration, leveraging its expertise in automation and temperature-controlled environments, designed an innovative solution for automated logistics system that seamlessly connected production and distribution. This solution maximized operational efficiency, successfully addressing the challenges faced by Shandong Fovo.

Innovative Solutions Optimizing Space and Efficiency


The production and export workshops and catering workshops, cover a total area of 6,400 square meters. The design includes four production input-output lines, equipped with nine stacker cranes of 14 meters high, provided by Zhongding Integration. The facility boasts more than 15,000 storage locations.


The solution for automated logistics system helps Shandong Fovo save the required floor space and maximize the efficiency of the warehousing process. It not only guarantees the segmentation and warehousing of 40,000 poultry per hour, a 5.6-time increase compared to the original production line's capacity of 7,200 poultry per hour, but also enhances the level of production automation by 80%.

Conveyor Seamlessly Connecting Production and Storage

The solution of Zhongding Integration starts from the end of production. Stacking robots place finished goods neatly on pallets, easily realizing unmanned and automated stacking operations and completing the first step of inbound process simply and quickly. At the front end of the conveyor, Zhongding Integration designed an automatic film wrapping machine. Due to the small size of Shandong Fovo's finished goods packaging, the automatic film wrapping machine can quickly fix the goods and prevent moisture and dust.

An intelligent RGV automatic guided vehicle connects the inbound area and the storage area, transporting goods to the storage area along predefined routes. Intelligent RGV offers an alternative to manual directional transportation. They can transport goods flexibly and efficiently for each one is programmed with an optimal conveying strategy.

Automatic Film Wrapping Machines

Intelligent RGV

The Shandong Fovo factory is an excellent demonstration of enterprise integration of intelligence, flexibility, and informationization. With its innovative automation technology and rich experience in solutions for cold storage, Zhongding Integration has successfully empowered Shandong Fovo to step into the era of intelligent management of cold chain logistics, and to be better prepared for future challenges.