Wision Furniture
Release Date:2022.09.29

Do you still remember the time-lapse video of the going up intelligent three-dimensional warehouse full of science and technology power and great originality? Whenever we see it, we are always strongly shocked....


Today we will show you Wision Furniture Intelligent Logistics Warehouse in Wuxi.


Founded in 2004, Guangzhou Shangpin Home Collection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shangpin Home Collection”) is the first home furnishing brand in China to put forward the concept of “whole house customization”. The group has five core brands, namely, Shangpin Home Collection, YFang Software, homekoo.com, WISION Furniture, and WAYES.

In 2017, Shangpin Home Collection was listed on China’s A-share market and became a listed company in the customized home furnishing industry with the stock code 300616.


In 2019, it was selected as a CCTV great brand.

In 2017, in order to further improve the company’s comprehensive competitiveness and the power of future sustainable development, Shangpin Home Collection decided to invest RMB 2.1 billion to build an Industrial 4.0 East China Production Base Project for Intelligent Customized Home Furnishing (with a total planning land of about 518 acres) in Wuxi, and set up a subsidiary, Wuxi Wision Furniture Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuxi Wision Furniture”). Upon completion of the project, it is expected to reach an annual production capacity of 1.5 million sets of customized furniture and finished matching furniture.

In 2018, Wuxi WISION Furniture prepared to build the intelligent home logistics system. After several rounds of technical comparison and many times of communication, Zhongding Integration was finally selected to supply the complete set intelligent home logistics system, including one material warehouse and workshop automatic conveyor system, two finished product warehouses and workshop automatic conveyor system. This system will effectively promote the development of production and operation, as well as the improvement of business efficiency.

Large-scale intelligent home logistics system for the domestic customized home furnishing industry


The complete set intelligent home logistics system solution for Wuxi WISION Furniture involves in 2 finished product warehouses and 1 material warehouse. With a height of 23 meters, all the warehouses have three floors. It is planned to set up 4,500 storage locations in the material warehouse and 17,000 storage locations in the finished product warehouses, and equipped 27 stacker cranes, over 2,000 conveyors and other intelligent equipment. The whole process of information control, flexible storage and transportation, and automated loading can help Wuxi WISION Furniture realize the intelligent and seamless connection of the production end, the logistics end and the delivery end.


It is worth noting that the equipment involved in this project are all customized non-standard products designed for custom furniture, such as large steel edge pallets, and can be adapted to stacking of irregular products such as sofas, mattresses, curtains, wardrobes, etc.


Material warehouse

The warehouse is mainly for the storage and circulation of sliding doors, sofas and accessories, realizing automatic operations such as automatic inbound, outbound transfer, picking and outbound.

Transfer operation: the stacker crane in the material warehouse takes whole pallet of finished products and delivers to the bill sticking position. The pallets that need to be picked or plattered are transported to the corresponding station for picking or plattering. After the picking is completed, the pallets are conveyed automatically to the bill sticking position. After bill sticking, the pallets are transported to the finished product warehouse for subsequent storage.

Picking and outbound: the stacker crane takes the pallets and put them at the aisle entrance for delivering to the picking station by the conveyor system. The picking personnel pick the goods according to the list. After picking, the pallets are returned to the warehouse for storage. Empty pallets generated from picking are stacked by the pallet stackers and returned to warehouse.


Finished goods warehouse

The warehouse can be seamlessly connected with the production workshop for automatic inbound, cross-dock conveying, automatic outbound and loading etc.

Direct warehousing in the production workshop: The finished product inbound conveyor line is connected to the conveyor line in the production workshop. Shape detection device, barcode reading and abnormal finishing area are set up in the workshop.

Flow and transfer for inbound: the dismantling machine on the side of the flow and transfer feeding station disassembles the empty pallets and transports them to the feeding station. After the feeding is completed, the pallets are automatically transported to the aisles, and the stacker crane handles and stores the pallets to complete inbound.

Palletized storage: The warehouse keeper receives the palletized storage instructions, and selects the palletized storage operation in the WMS system. The finished products are transported to the pallet station, and automatically delivered to the aisle entrance after completion of palletized storage. The stacker crane then handles and stores the finished products to complete inbound.

Cross-dock conveying: cross-docking conveyor lines are arranged along the side of finished product warehouse, allowing out-of-sequence batches and end-of-line batches to be conveyed to the workshop for further processing.

Automatic loading system: The stacker crane takes pallets and puts them at the aisle entrance. The pallets are then conveyed to the outbound unloading station by the conveyor and directly transported to the truck compartment through the automatic loading system. After completion of unloading, the empty pallets are transported to the stacking station.


Intelligent logistics software management system


Based on the unique order form (one order corresponds to one or more pallets) and delivery logic of the custom home furnishing industry, Zhongding Integration specially designed a customized WCS and WMS intelligent logistics software management system and linked them to client’s ERP to realize information interaction and data sharing, providing digital support for the operation of intelligent logistics system in Wuxi WISION Furniture.


The complete set of intelligent home logistics system can quickly respond to the logistics supply needs of Shangpin Home Collection in East China, meet the need for the annual production capacity of 1.5 million sets of customized furniture and finished matching furniture, and continue to provide logistics support in its future growth stage.


As a leader in the field of intelligent home logistics, Zhongding Integration has been deeply involved in the home furnishing industry for several years. We serve many well-known domestic home furnishing enterprises such as QM, SUOFEIYA, SUPERUS and YOUPON Integrated Ceiling, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enhance their efficiency.


In the future, Zhongding Integration will always insist on rooting the international advanced logistics technology and forward-looking logistics concepts in every project, help more enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency, promote environmental protection, and enter a new stage of high-quality development!