Palletizing and Stacking Machine
Palletizing machine
This model is a standard version designed for use in automated warehouses with pallets of three beams. It can handle pallets made of wood, metal, and plastic materials.
Product Purpose
It adopts a frame structure, consisting of a frame, movable frame, guide frame, lifting and lowering fork, and driving device. It has two main functions: collection and release. It does not have horizontal conveying capabilities and needs to be used in conjunction with the automated warehouse conveyor system equipment. Collection involves stacking the empty pallets sent into the system in the designed quantity for one-time transportation. Release involves sequentially replenishing individual pallets when an empty pallet is needed at the imbound port.
Technical specifications
maximum pallet quantity
processing efficiency托/h120
cargo dimensionsWmm800~1200
lifting strokemm~300
lifting times~2.5
rotation times~1.5
operating temperatureºC1— 40
environmental relative humidity%5 to 90 without condensation
Application Video
Palletizing machine
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