Chain and Roller Conveying Equipment
Featuring high-quality rollers for transmission, with a maximum load capacity of 1500kg. The carbon steel cold-drawn formed side beams ensure a robust structure and smooth operation. Adjustable leg height enhances load-bearing capacity and service life.
  • The modular structure guarantees smooth operation, low noise levels, and easy installation and maintenance.

  • Robust and reliable structure with high cost-effectiveness, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Product Purpose
The roller conveying is primarily composed of side beam components, driving unit, legs, rollers, etc. It is used for horizontally conveying unitized cargo on standard modular pallets. The pallets, made of materials such as wood, steel, or plastic, can be stably conveyed on the roller conveying.
low-temperature environmentºC-25
stainless steel
end stopssupplied with conveyor
upper shelfsupplied with conveyor in standard conveyor dimensions
sensor bracketindividually packaged
technical specifications
maximum loadkg1500
standard length Lmm1050;1200;1500;1950;2400;3000;4200;5100;6000
Customized length LmmCustomized length is a multiple of drum spacing L=150Xn(Number of drums)
Standard guide disc spacing Wmm815,101,511,151,215
Guide disc
Welding on the drum, with one drum at a time interval
Standard external width NWmm05,05,05,05
roller spacing (P)mm150
standard heightmm500,600,700,800,900,1000
legs beam

no additional beam needed for heights below 600mm, 

add a beam at the bottom of the legs for heights above 600mm, 

add a beam between legs for heights between 800mm-1000mm, height adjustable within approximately ±30mm

standard color
driving unit position
inner side
pallet sizeWmm800~1200
operating speedm/min12、16、18(optional 20)
reduction gearbox
motor powerkw0.55, 0.75, 1.1
surface coating
side beams, legs: powder coating; shaft, sprockets: blackening; rollers, adjustable feet, photoelectric switch bracket, etc.: zinc plating,
operating temperatureºC1-40
relative humidity%5 to 90 without condensation
execution standards
DIN EN ISO 12100mechanical safety foundation, overall layout guidelines
DIN EN 294hazard prevention: safe distance for upper limbs
DIN EN 349minimum distance to avoid harm to the human body
DIN EN 619continuous conveyor equipment and system safety and EMC requirements
DIN EN60204. Part 1general requirements for mechanical and electrical equipment.
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