Three-Dimensional Rack
Three-dimensional Rack
The rack of steel structure is a key storage solution for high-level storage areas, characterized by its essential requirements of robust strength, rigidity, and overall stability. Precision in dimensions is a paramount consideration, along with compliance with seismic resistance standards. The rack system utilizes combination design of adjustable beams, incorporating rack pieces, load-bearing beams, and reinforced support rods. The components seamlessly interconnect, providing height adjustability with a precise spacing adjustment of 75mm. The flexibility to adjust rack height as needed contributes to the system's adaptability. Transportation and installation are streamlined for convenience, making this combined rack system an ideal choice for the sustained and automated operation of warehouse facilities.
  • The rack primarily consists of rack pieces (upright columns), beams/braces, top longitudinal and transverse beams, and reinforcement stiffeners.

  • The primary structural elements of the rack utilize thin-walled steel, crafted through fully automated rolling mills. Such manufacturing approach ensures a high degree of automation, precision in product fabrication, robust developmental flexibility, and a construction that is not only pollution-free but also safe and reliable.

  • The surface treatment involves electrostatic powder coating, providing the finished racks with an aesthetical and elegant appearance, coupled with a robust resistance to corrosion.

  • The beams are securely positioned on the upright columns of the rack pieces using safety lock pins, preventing potential fractures of hanging pieces due to intense impacts and ensuring the stability to avoid the risk of beams and goods falling.

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Three-dimensional Rack
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