Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang
Release Date:2024.01.11

Collision between traditional culture & modern technology!

Zhongding Integration & Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang

Jointly build an intelligent pharmaceutical logistics system for the “Time-honored Brand in China”

Achieve development of high quality and sustainability!


As a management platform and leading enterprise of Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province, Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang Medicines Co., Ltd. implements an integrated management model throughout the province, and has built a sales network and distribution system covering the whole province. The sales network covers all the Grade 3A hospitals, Grade 2A hospitals, medical institutions above county level and 90% of the pharmacies, community clinics, township health centers in Hebei Province, with more than 20,000 end customers. Meanwhile, Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang has maintained long-term business cooperation with more than 6000 suppliers at home and abroad as well as more than 3,600 distributors, and has become a first-class sales agent of more than 90% of products from well-known enterprises in China and all imported products and products of joints ventures in Hebei Province.


About Sinopharm Group

Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in January, 2003 and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (01099.HK) in September, 2009. The group consists of two A-share listed companies, namely, China National Medicines Corporation Ltd. (China National Medicines Corporation, 600511.SH) and China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd. (China National Accord Medicines, 000028.SZ), as well as a total of more than 1,000 subsidiaries. It has become a leading distributor and retailer of drugs, health care products and medical devices in China, as well as a leading supply chain service provider.

About Le-Ren-Tang

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Founded in April, 2011, Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang Medicines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang”) is a large scale pharmaceutical commercial enterprise jointly invested and established by two core enterprise of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, that is, Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. and Le-Ren-Tang Investment Group Co., Ltd. The company focuses on pharmaceutical logistics and distribution, and is an enterprise with “GSP” and “ISO9000” certification. With sales income of RMB 30 billion in 2022, Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang ranked fifth in the “top 100 enterprises in Shijiazhuang”, and was awarded the title “the sixth batch of national civilized units”. It is also a provincial drug reserve company and the drug reserve base for national economic mobilization in Hebei Province.


Internationally-advanced and Leading Intelligent Pharmaceutical Logistics System

The entire forward-looking solution covers conventional three-dimensional warehouse, high rack warehouse, conveyor system, as well as world-leading multi-shuttle system, goods-to-person picking system, etc. The solution satisfies the current logistics demands of Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang and help it pass GSP certification. In addition, the solution may also provide logistics support in future development of Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang and promote its sustainable development and steady improvement of business efficiency.

01 Intelligent Three-dimensional Warehouse

The 19-meter high warehouse contains over 9,000 storage locations and 6 sets of double-column double deep stacker cranes, developed independently by Zhongding Integration. It can complete automated logistics operations including the full-pallet drug inbound and outbound, return of the end pallet to warehouse, and the recycling of empty pallets by itself.

02 Multi-shuttle System


The multi-shuttle system can be applied for full-tote drug outbound, empty tote outbound, return of the end tote to warehouse and the return of changed totes to warehouse. It is suitable for all kinds of high efficient logistics and transportation operations. With advantages of high efficiency, automation, flexibility, reliability and space saving, the system may realize automated and intelligent management and improve the overall operational efficiency by quickly responding to a variety of logistics needs. Moreover, the flexibility and scalability of multi-shuttle allows it to adapt to changes in size and demand.

03 AMR Working Area


The AMR working area is located on the third and fourth floors of the intelligent logistics system in Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang. The area is divided into AMR material rack area, AMR picking system, AMR full-pallet area and AMR picking system. With 55 sets of AMR robots, 1,007 sets of storage location racks, 12 multi-functional workstations, and 15 sets of charging piles, the area may perform AMR full-pallet warehousing, AMR rack tote warehousing, AMR rack reverse tote inbound, picking and outbound of individual items etc.

04Goods-to-person Picking System


The entire “goods-to-person” picking system is composed of AMR picking, multi-shuttle transportation, goods-to-person picking, review and packaging and it can be applied in an important outbound operation in drug logistics -- disassembly and picking.


First of all, taking disassembly and picking as an example, the “goods-to-person” picking system may complete approximately 800-1000 order lines per hour, which is 8-15 times faster than traditional order picking methods (including paper order picking and RF picking). Secondly, the “goods-to-person” picking system is highly accurate and the error can be controlled within 0.02%. Finally, another important advantage of “goods-to-person” picking is that it greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators, perfectly reflecting the “people-oriented” design of logistics system.

05Robot Automated Destacking System


Two destacking robots are mainly responsible for picking and outbound on the two-layer three-dimensional warehouse. Each robot can perform 450 times of handling per hour on average, and a total of more than 1,800 totes can be handled if two totes are handled each time. Under extreme conditions, a single robot can grab up to 1,200 totes per hour!

Intelligence Creates Efficiency

At present, the Sinopharm Group Le-Ren-Tang project has started operating and become another successful case of cooperation between Zhongding Integration and Sinopharm Group. Zhongding Integration has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Sinopharm Group since 2014. So far, Zhongding Integration has cooperated with Sinopharm Group to jointly build the intelligent logistics warehouses for Sinopharm Beijing, Sinopharm Shanghai, Sinopharm Heilongjiang, Sinopharm Shandong, Sinopharm Xiamen, Sinopharm Changzhou, Sinopharm Suzhou and Sinopharm Xiaoshan, and helped Sinopharm Group create greater logistics benefits and promote its high-quality development.


In the future, Zhongding Integration will continue to explore the field of intelligent pharmaceutical logistics, develop high-quality products, construct advanced projects, provide more pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical logistics enterprises and medical equipment enterprises with intelligent logistics system solutions that cover the whole life cycle of enterprise logistics, propel transformation and upgrading, and achieve long-term development!