Release Date:2020.07.08

In 2017, Zhongding Integration collaborated closely with Panasonic Energy (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., participating in the construction of an intelligent logistics system for the 21700 cell production line at Panasonic's Wuxi factory. The comprehensive system was designed with double-deep and double-station MINIIoad automated warehousing logistics solution. It was suitable for room temperature storage, room temperature aging, formatting, grading, OCV detection, cell check of lithium-ion battery and other systems.

Since the beginning of cooperation with Panasonic Wuxi in 2016, within the frame of high standards and strict requirements of Japanese technical staff, Zhongding Integration has been continuously researching and growing, and has also specially developed the Double-station MINILoad dedicated for new energy components formatting and grading for Panasonic Wuxi. We has assisted Panasonic Wuxi Company to grow and accumulated rich experience in logistics solutions for automated warehousing logistics of 21700 lithium battery.