Release Date:2022.01.19

BTR New Material Group Co., Ltd.

-- A world leading supplier of lithium-ion battery negative electrode materials;

-- A world leading enterprise with a complete value chain of negative electrode materials;

Tailored intelligent software management system

Both the WCS and WMS intelligent software management systems applied by the warehouse are independently developed by Zhongding Integration, and have independent information/data management and control systems with own server and database. These systems may realize the functions such as collaborative data processing, data maintenance and remote control, and fully meet the requirements for enterprise information exchange and resource sharing!

# Customer recognition is the driving force for Zhongding in future development!

Zhongding Integration has deeply explored in the field of lithium-ion battery material management for more than 10 years, and built complete intelligent logistics system projects for manufacturing of power lithium-ion batteries all over the country, even exported to Europe. Now, the existing clients of Zhongding Integration include CATL, BYD, SVOLT, LG Chem, Panasonic, muRATA, Farasis Energy, AESC and other leading enterprises in the fields of new energy power battery.

With the development of intelligent electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery will become the mainstream of the times. Zhongding Integration will closely follow the market development needs and continuously innovate and develop lithium-ion battery intelligent logistics systems, creating greater logistic value for more customers!