Anjoy Food
Release Date:2020.07.08

In 2014, Zhongding Integration launched a comprehensive cooperation with Anjoy Group and successfully built a 20,000-ton low-temperature automated three-dimensional warehouse project using specialized technology. With a total height of 24 meters and an area of 4,000 square meters, the project meets the business demands of Anjoy Group in the entire South Jiangsu region. Upon completion of its construction, the average daily throughput is over 4,000 tons, which is three times more than the original market business volume, and has gained high recognition from the customers.

Adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, Zhongding Integration will also cooperate with other subsidiaries of Anjoy Group in China to expand their business, contributing to the growth of Anjoy Group, and maintaining a long-term and in-depth cooperation relationship with them.