Release Date:2020.07.08

Zhejiang Aront Health Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aront”) is affiliated with Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Corporation Limited, a supplier and brand service provider focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of massage equipment (mainly massage chairs) and technology health solutions of the health industry. It has been listed on the A-share market on January 11, 2017 (stock abbreviation: ROTAI HEALTH, stock code: 603579). In addition to establishing counters in high-end department stores in most cities across the country, the Company has sold products to countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America etc.


Overview of the Aront plant


Project Profile

In anticipation of continued business growth in the future, ROTAI plans to set up a new Aront “intelligent factory” in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. With a total investment of more than RMB 50 million, the factory will construct production workshop that covers an area of about 14,000 square meters, of which the three-dimensional warehouse will cover an area of about 9,890 square meters. Warehouse logistics is an important part of building an intelligent factory. Wuxi Zhongding Integration Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongding Integration”) worked closely with Aront in 2016 to design and develop a set of solutions for the automatic three-dimensional warehousing of finished products and raw materials, picking of raw and auxiliary materials, as well as the inbound, outbound and transportation of auxiliary materials and finished products. The solution can meet the logistics needs of Aront for an annual output of 300,000 massage armchairs.


Intelligent warehouse


The intelligent warehouse, designed and implemented by Zhongding Integration, is equipped with efficient and advanced technology. It is designed with 9 sets of 14-meter stacker crane, 1 set of multi-layer shuttle and 17,642 storage locations. According to the customer’s requirements on the assembly line for finished products as well as spare parts, 2 floors, including a mezzanine, are designed. On the first floor, two assembly lines are planned for finished massage chairs and finished backrests, and on the second floor, assembly lines are planned for parts including legrest, armrest, backrest, electric control cabinet).

Intelligent warehouse


Advanced and efficient logistics system solutions

Inbound/outbound systems for finished goods:

Inbound: After being assembled in the production workshop, the finished goods are sent to the conveyor, and lifted to the steel platform stacking area on the mezzanine on the first floor by the reciprocating hoist. The robot places the goods neatly on the pallet. Then the goods are delivered to the designated inbound port of the upper machine through the logistics line, and transported to the designated goods allocation by the stacker crane. The inbound/outbound of 1,000 pallets of finished products can be performed each day. The “goods to person” picking manner may increase efficiency by 60% compared with the original operation mode.

Outbound: When receiving a request for outbound of finished goods, the stacker crane takes the corresponding goods and places them on the conveyor in front of the warehouse. The goods are then transported to the appropriate delivery port through the conveyor line, and delivered after manual loading

Stacking robot

Truss robot


Supply and assembly line for raw materials:
Inbound: After a stack of raw materials is accumulated on the mobile storage table, the entire stack of raw materials will be sent to the automatic wrapping machine for wrapping so as to prevent damage in the process of handling, and protect the goods from dust, moisture and keep them clean. After wrapping, goods are transported to the designated outbound port, and delivered to the designated storage location by the stacker crane. The inbound/outbound of 1,200 pallets of raw materials can be performed each day.


Outbound: When receiving a request for outbound of raw materials, the stacker crane takes the corresponding goods. After manual assorting, the goods are delivered to the production workshop by conveyor equipment such as intelligent RGV shuttles and reciprocating hoist. Manual replenishment of raw materials is carried out manually.

Automatic wrapping machine

Intelligent RGV shuttle

Parts supply and assembly line:
The shuttle can run on a set of rails in multi-layer racks. The clamping forks take out the material totes with parts from the racks and put them into the designated exit position. The clamping forks can also store the material totes at the entry position into the designated goods location. The multi-shuttle warehouse can complete the task of picking 2,400 totes per day.




Project highlights
Integral 4.0 system construction for production line and three-dimensional warehouse
The project is equipped with many advanced logistics equipment, including 9 stacker cranes with the height up to 14 meters, 1 multi-level shuttle, 2 robots, 3 automatic wrapping machines, reciprocating hoist, intelligent RGV and so on. The project connects the production and warehouse logistics and is subject to overall control by the MES system. The system is well-established and highly automated.


Application of multi-shuttle in intelligent logistics

Multi-shuttle system is a professional logistics technology widely applied at home and abroad. It can quickly and accurately complete the picking operation without stop in high-density storage system and help enterprises maximize their value with high efficient and accurate integrated process.


The intelligent warehouse has been widely praised by clients for its cost reduction, efficiency improvement and sustainable growth. It can meet existing demand and provide support in future development, thereby significantly enhancing the sustainable competitive advantage of ROTAI.