Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd.
Release Date:2020.07.07

As one of the automated three-dimensional warehouses in Ningbo, it has an actual outbound efficiency of 480 pallets/hour, and the average speed of stacker cranes is maintained at over 180M/min.


Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd., a company listed in Hong Kong, boasts an area of 68 hectares and a total asset of RMB 2.7 billion. With advanced equipment, it integrates weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, embroidery, and garment manufacturing. Shenzhou Knitting, as the main enterprise of Shenzhou Group, is the OEM for internationally renowned brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Mizuno, Fila, and Spalding.


In the context of rising labor costs, replacing manpower with machines has become one of the inevitable options for enterprise development. In order to adapt to market demands, with improvement of automation in logistics as a breakthrough point, Shenzhou Knitting reached a cooperation agreement with Zhongding Integration in 2016, according to which Zhongding Integration is fully responsible for the automated three-dimensional warehouse projects of Shenzhou Knitting.



Integration of goods collection, sorting, inventory and operation effectively improves the work efficiency and logistics services


The automated three-dimensional warehouse project of Shenzhou Knitting is one of the automated three-dimensional warehouses in Ningbo. The project consists of 18-meter-high racks and double-column stacker cranes of up to 20 aisles. With 23,600 designed storage locations, the scene is very impressive.


In 2015, Shenzhou Knitting produced about 250 million pieces of clothing, with tens of thousands pieces of clothing being delivered to the outside world every day. The efficiency of the Shenhzou’s raw material circulation directly impacts the profits of the entire group. Therefore Shenzhou Knitting has high requirements for the overall system efficiency, i.e. more than 450 pallets/hour, a remarkable figure compared to the inbound efficiency requirement of 100 pallets/hour. After several days and nights of planning and intense discussions, the expert group of Zhongding Integration decided to adopt a series of measures such as setting up new intelligent trolley systems at the outbound port. With the actual outbound efficiency of 480 pallets/hour, Zhongding Integration overcame existing challenges and was highly praised by the client.



Solve problems for clients, launch tailored projects and solutions to meet needs of clients


Considering the project's multiple aisles, low requirements for inbound efficiency, and the characteristics of goods types that are not suitable for transport on conveyor line, Zhongding Integration designed an intelligent inbound system composed of 8 AGV automated robots for Shenzhou Knitting. The system may prepare goods to be warehoused for 20 aisles with high efficiency.


Due to the special structure of storage cage used in this project and the unique shape of the goods, it is impossible to use regular racks. Zhongding Integration tailored customized racks for this project, which in turn posed new challenges to the precision of stacking equipment.


Based on years of R&D experience, Zhongding Integration employed its double-column stacker cranes as well as fine positioning system (with an accuracy of 0.1 mm) in the project. While meeting the accuracy requirement, the stacker cranes may keep an average speed of more than 180M/min.